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Founded in 2006, the Commercial Litigation Association (CLA), is the UK’s only national group dedicated to advancing the interests of all involved in commercial litigation, mediation and dispute resolution.

Our goal is to champion the cause of all who are involved in the practice and business of commercial dispute resolution in the broadest sense and from every walk of professional life whether Judge, Solicitor or Barrister, Trainee or Pupil, Academic or Litigation Funder.

That’s right. Whatever part of the world of commercial dispute resolution you work in, or simply have a passion for, there’s room for you here at the CLA.

In 2019, Lord Neuberger, former President of the Supreme Court, joined the CLA as Patron. At that time, the goal and aims of the CLA were restated as a foundation for the future.

Our aims are:

  • To develop a strong professional network representing the interests of all those involved in commercial dispute resolution through conferences and events across the UK, together with the interaction of a growing online community.
  • To promote the interests of our growing membership and become the primary advocate and representative body for all sections of the commercial dispute resolution community.
  • To deliver excellence in content, education, opinion and comment in and on commercial dispute resolution.
  • To establish a CPD accreditation and create the CLA branded accreditation programme.
  • To bring innovation in litigation and dispute resolution to the top of the agenda across the sector through technology.
  • To lobby and influence policymakers to shape the future of commercial dispute resolution to ensure Access To Justice by action with a pro bono or CSR commitment and to press for investment in the underfunded Civil Justice system.

Aspirational? Perhaps but the CLA is changing, growing rapidly and making a difference in the commercial dispute resolution community.

Want to be part of that change? 

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