Commercial Litigation Association appoints Lord Neuberger as Patron

The Commercial Litigation Association (“CLA”) has recently appointed Lord Neuberger, former President of the Supreme Court, as its Patron. Lord Neuberger replaces Lord Woolf who served the Association as Patron since it was founded in 2006. The appointment coincides with the Association’s recent joint venture with conference, events and marketing firm ConfevEx, who have been appointed as a commercial partner to manage the Association’s website, membership relations, sponsorship, operations, conferences and events.

The CLA plans a strategic membership engagement campaign in 2019 aimed at increasing its members and building on the value it delivers through events and conferences throughout the jurisdictions of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Its Steering Board is gearing up to gather data and contribute feedback, on behalf of the profession, to consultations and MOJ pilots including the disclosure pilot and capped costs pilot, in addition to lobbying the MOJ to improve access to justice for business users of the Courts outside of the Rolls Building.

Commenting on the appointment and association’s plans Chairman Luke Harrison said:-

We are proud to represent the interests of a diverse range of professionals involved in helping businesses resolve their disputes. Effective commercial dispute resolution is vital to a functioning economy and the rule of law. Delay, uncertainty and disproportionate costs of accessing justice not only damages businesses but it can have a domino effect on the stakeholders whom a business serves. The appointment of Lord Neuberger as our Patron shows the importance of commercial dispute resolution in the eyes of the judiciary. We are delighted that someone who has occupied such a leading role in the judiciary is supporting us in this way. Working with our commercial partner the Association will be able to enhance its work with industry stakeholders and increase access to justice for business.

Commenting on his appointment Lord Neuberger said:-

I am very pleased to be able to support an organisation which aims to improve the already high standard of service provided by commercial litigation in the United Kingdom. Access to competent legal advice and representation in any field is fundamental to the rule of law, and in the commercial field it is fundamental to a thriving economy. The United Kingdom has an enviable international reputation for its commercial law and its commercial solicitors, barristers, judges and arbitrators. But we must not sit on our laurels, and the CLA helps to ensure that we maintain, indeed enhance our high standards and international reputation.



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  3. The CLA is the only national association representing the interests of all those stakeholders involved in the business of Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution. Its members are drawn from a number of professions including solicitors, barristers, mediators, forensic accountants, insolvency practitioners, third party funders, insurers and electronic disclosure providers. Its aim, amongst other things, is to enhance access to justices for those involved in commercial disputes through increasing efficiency and reducing costs of the litigation process.