LCM specialise in providing Litigation Finance for companies and individuals


Founded in 1998 we are one of Australia’s most experienced and successful Litigation Finance companies.

As one of the world’s first litigation funders, LCM has assisted hundreds of companies and individuals. We have helped our clients achieve significant recoveries from claims that, without LCM, would not have been pursued due to the associated costs and risks.

LCM are specialists in providing litigation finance to enable the pursuit and successful recovery of funds from legal claims. We understand that large scale litigation is costly and can carry considerable risk. That is why we are here to help.

What we Finance

Typically, LCM will look to finance cases where the claim size is at least $5 million. However, we can be flexible when considering cases of smaller amount.

Over the years we’ve assisted claimants finance claims in different sectors such as:


Claims arising out of insolvent companies including unfair preferences, insolvent trading, and other claims brought by liquidators

Class Actions

Such as shareholder claims, product liability, investment claims and event based claims.

Commercial Claims

Single or multi-party commercial claims such as breach of contract, negligence and misrepresentation.

International Arbitrations

Such as Institutional and ad hoc arbitrations arising out of contractual disputes, enforcement of arbitral awards under New York Convention


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Non-Executive Chairman

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Non-Executive Director

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Chief Financial Officer

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Executive Vice Chairman

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At LCM we believe that one size does not fit all. Each individual case will have specific needs that require a degree of bespoke structuring. To that end we can be as flexible as possible and structure a solution to fit most needs.

  • Fully Financed Litigation
  • Litigation Finance for Companies
  • Funding for International Arbitration
  • Law Firm/Portfolio Funding
  • Disbursement Finance
  • Security for Costs
  • Judgment Enforcement Funding

Who can use Litigation Finance

Originally the preserve of impecunious claimants, Litigation Finance has now grown globally to be seen as a valuable financial product for businesses who can treat impending litigation as a valuable asset, the cost of which can be financed.

LCM has a varied product suite that can be used by:

  • Individual claimants who are unwilling or unable to pursue claims due to risk factors or lack of resources
  • Companies looking to minimise risk and release cash flow to focus on core business areas
  • Insolvency practitioners looking to recover assets and revenue arising from insolvency
  • Law firms looking to monetise their work in progress balances, leverage balance sheets, fund portfolios of cases or to provide cash to be deployed in key business building activities.


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